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Gold Bar

  • Lowest reward Ksh 50/=
  • Highest reward Ksh 500,000/=

Find three SAME cash amounts and win that amount once.

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  • Lowest reward Ksh 100/=
  • Highest reward Ksh 1,200,000/=

Scratch the WINNING SYMBOLS area. Then scratch the corresponding symbols found on either grid. When you match all for symbols in any horizontal or vertical line, win PRIZE shown from that line.

Get it from the “Golden Paw Lottery Points Shops” .

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32, programmer

Viola Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should the retailer invest?

The retailer only put down a minimum of Ksh 10,000 (refundable deposit) and you get ticket stock worth Ksh 20,000.

I have never heard about Golden Paw Lottery?

GPL is new in Kenya but well known internationally with over 25 years experience and operations in China, Cambodia, Laos, France and Malaysia.

Does the retailer have to employ?

No, the retailer does not have to employ, your shop current structure is good enough.

Where is GPL's offices?

Our offices are located at The Greenhouse Mall, 4th floor, unit 24, along Ngong road next to Adams Arcade.

Are you licensed to carry out lottery business?

Yes we are licensed by Betting, Control and Licensing Board.

What is the difference between you and and other lotteries companies?

Our competitive differentiation is the high frequency of winning tickets and prize money GPL offers to our clients.

Can retailers choose which products to sell or how much to charge?

No. Retailers provided an optimal product mix for the retailer to maximize revenue based on the demographics of the stores’ customer base and traffic. Also, administrative law prevents retailers from selling tickets at a price other than what is established by the corporation, nor may retailers charge a surcharge to cash winning tickets.

How does the Lottery discourage underage play?

Although the GPL is not engaged in law enforcement, it aggressively promotes the 18 minimum age requirement by printing it on all tickets, news releases, sales material and signage, as well as reinforcing the message in retailer training and communication.

How much does it cost to become a Lottery retailer?

Applying for a retailer is FREE.

Is there anything that would prevent a retailer from being able to sell Lottery tickets?

The following conditions prevent an individual or business from obtaining or renewing a Golden Paw Lottery retailer license:

  • Not being current in filings and payment of all taxes, interest and penalties owed to any political subdivision, including the Department of Labor, Department of Revenue and Taxation and the Secretary of State.
  • Being convicted of any illegal gambling activity, false statements, false swearing or perjury or a crime punishable by more than 1 year imprisonment, a fine of more than $1,000 or both.
  • Being a vendor or employee of the corporation or residing on the same household as an officer of the corporation.
  • Knowingly having made a false statement of material fact to the corporation.

What are retailers paid in commission on Lottery tickets?

Retailers earn 8-10 percent commission on every ticket sale.

What businesses can become a Lottery retailer?

The vast majority of licensed retailers are convenience stores; however grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants also sell Lottery tickets. Outlets which provide one-stop shopping convenience or entertainment for adults work best for the sale of Lottery tickets.

What does the Lottery do to promote playing responsibly?

The Golden Paw Lottery is concerned about the issue of problem gambling. Toward that end, the Lottery includes the Department of Health problem gambling hotline number on all tickets, advertising, news releases and sales materials, as well as periodically conducting “play responsibly” public service campaigns. In addition, 2% of the Lottery’s annual proceeds are earmarked for problem gambling programs.

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